Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing

A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab

High Resolution Book Figures

High resolution copies of all of the book figure provided for use by instructors on course slides/materials. Colour copies of the book cover and the colour plates (from all chapters) are provided followed by all remaining figures in chapter order.

See also the available copies of high resolution equations and tables.

Whilst the aim is to provide adequate quality for slide use in an easy to use/browse form, all figures will eventually appear "pixelated" at a given level of scaling. Note that PNG/EPS versions of the figures are also available (indexed by chapter) as ZIP archives from the main materials page.
Please get in touch if you have any quality issues (authors @ [REMOVE-NOSPAM]

Instructors: Please acknowledge any usage of these figures in teaching materials with a small caption - [source: Solomon/Breckon 2010]. Permission is granted to reproduce the figures for non-commercial purposes including education and research, provided the source of the figures is acknowledged.

Chapters Index: [Colour] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

Colour Plates

  c00_-00 c00_-000  

  c00_-001 c00_-002  

  c00_-003 c00_-004  

  c00_-005 c00_-006  

  c00_-007 c00_-008  

  c00_-009 c00_-010  

  c00_-011 c00_-012  

  c00_-013 c00_-014  

Chapter 1

  c01_-000 c01_-001  

  c01_-002 c01_-003  

  c01_-004 c01_-005  

  c01_-006 c01_-007  

  c01_-008 c01_-009  

Chapter 2

  c02_-000 c02_-001  

  c02_-002 c02_-003  

  c02_-004 c02_-005  

  c02_-006 c02_-007  

  c02_-008 c02_-009  

  c02_-010 c02_-X00000  

  c02_-X00001 c02_-X00002  

  c02_-X00003 c02_-X00004  

  c02_-X00005 c02_-X00006  

  c02_-X00007 c02_-X00008  

  c02_-X00009 c02_-X00010  

  c02_-X00011 c02_-X00012  

Chapter 3

  c03_-000 c03_-001  

  c03_-002 c03_-003  

  c03_-004 c03_-005  

  c03_-006 c03_-007  

  c03_-008 c03_-009  

  c03_-010 c03_-011  

  c03_-012 c03_-013  

  c03_-014 c03_-015  

  c03_-016 c03_-017  

  c03_-018 c03_-X00000  


Chapter 4

  c04_-000 c04_-001  

  c04_-002 c04_-003  

  c04_-004 c04_-005  

  c04_-006 c04_-007  

  c04_-008 c04_-009  

  c04_-010 c04_-011  

  c04_-012 c04_-013  

  c04_-014 c04_-015  

Chapter 5

  c05_-000 c05_-001  

  c05_-002 c05_-003  

  c05_-004 c05_-005  

  c05_-006 c05_-007  

  c05_-008 c05_-X00000  

  c05_-X00001 c05_-X00002  

Chapter 6

  c06_-000 c06_-001  

  c06_-002 c06_-003  

  c06_-004 c06_-005  

  c06_-006 c06_-007  

Chapter 7

  c07_-000 c07_-001  

  c07_-002 c07_-003  

  c07_-004 c07_-005  

  c07_-006 c07_-007  

  c07_-008 c07_-009  

  c07_-010 c07_-X00000  

  c07_-X00001 c07_-X00002  


Chapter 8

  c08_-000 c08_-001  

  c08_-002 c08_-003  

  c08_-004 c08_-005  

  c08_-006 c08_-007  

  c08_-008 c08_-009  

  c08_-010 c08_-011  

  c08_-012 c08_-013  

  c08_-014 c08_-015  

  c08_-016 c08_-017  

  c08_-018 c08_-019  

  c08_-020 c08_-021  

  c08_-022 c08_-023  

  c08_-024 c08_-025  

Chapter 9

  c09_-000 c09_-001  

  c09_-002 c09_-003  

  c09_-004 c09_-005  

  c09_-006 c09_-007  

  c09_-008 c09_-009  

  c09_-010 c09_-011  

  c09_-012 c09_-013  

  c09_-014 c09_-015  


Chapter 10

  c10_-000 c10_-001  

  c10_-002 c10_-003  

  c10_-004 c10_-005  

  c10_-006 c10_-007  

  c10_-008 c10_-009  

  c10_-010 c10_-011  

Chapter 11

  c11_-000 c11_-001  

  c11_-002 c11_-003  

  c11_-004 c11_-005  

  c11_-006 c11_-007  

  c11_-008 c11_-X0000000