Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing

A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab

High Resolution Book Tables/Eqn.

High resolution copies of all of the book tables/eqn. provided for use by instructors on course slides/materials. See also the available copies of high resolution book figures.

Whilst the aim is to provide adequate quality for slide use in an easy to use/browse form, all tables/eqn. will eventually appear "pixelated" at a given level of scaling. Providing high-res PNG seemed to be the lowest common denominator. Please get in touch if you have any quality issues (authors @ [REMOVE-NOSPAM]

Instructors: Permission is granted to reproduce these tables/equations for non-commercial purposes including education and research, provided the source of the material is acknowledged (e.g. [some contents: Solomon/Breckon 2010] on first slide in set or similar).

Chapters Index: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]
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Chapter 1

  eqn_1_1 table_1_1  

Chapter 2

  ch2_eqn_00000 ch2_eqn_00001  

  ch2_eqn_00002 ch2_eqn_00003  

  ch2_eqn_00004 ch2_eqn_00005  

  ch2_eqn_00006 ch2_eqn_00007  

  ch2_eqn_00008 ch2_eqn_00009  

  ch2_eqn_00010 ch2_eqn_00011  

  ch2_eqn_00012 ch2_eqn_00013  

  ch2_eqn_00014 ch2_eqn_00015  

  ch2_eqn_00016 ch2_eqn_00017  

  ch2_eqn_00018 ch2_eqn_00019  

  ch2_eqn_00020 ch2_eqn_00021  


Chapter 3

  c03_eqn_00000 c03_eqn_00001  

  c03_eqn_00002 c03_eqn_00003  

  c03_eqn_00004 c03_eqn_00005  

  c03_eqn_00006 c03_eqn_00007  

  c03_eqn_00008 c03_eqn_00009  

  c03_eqn_00010 c03_eqn_00011  

  c03_eqn_00012 c03_eqn_00013  

  c03_eqn_00014 c03_eqn_00015  

  c03_eqn_00016 c03_eqn_00017  

  c03_eqn_00018 c03_eqn_00019  

  c03_eqn_00020 c03_eqn_00021  

  c03_eqn_00022 c03_eqn_00023  

  c03_eqn_00024 c03_eqn_00025  

Chapter 4

  c04_eqn_00000 c04_eqn_00001  

  c04_eqn_00002 c04_eqn_00003  

  c04_eqn_00004 c04_eqn_00005  

  c04_eqn_00006 c04_eqn_00007  

  c04_eqn_00008 c04_eqn_00009  

  c04_eqn_00010 c04_eqn_00011  

Chapter 5

  c05_eqn_00000 c05_eqn_00001  

  c05_eqn_00002 c05_eqn_00003  

  c05_eqn_00004 c05_eqn_00005  

  c05_eqn_00006 c05_eqn_00007  

  c05_eqn_00008 c05_eqn_00009  

  c05_eqn_00010 c05_eqn_00011  

  c05_eqn_00012 c05_eqn_00013  

  c05_eqn_00014 c05_eqn_00015  

  c05_eqn_00016 c05_eqn_00017  

  c05_eqn_00018 c05_eqn_00019  

  c05_eqn_00020 c05_eqn_00021  

  c05_eqn_00022 c05_eqn_00023  

  c05_eqn_00024 c05_eqn_00025  

  c05_eqn_00026 c05_eqn_00027  

  c05_eqn_00028 c05_eqn_00029  

  c05_eqn_00030 c05_eqn_00031  


Chapter 6

  c06_eqn_00000 c06_eqn_00001  

  c06_eqn_00002 c06_eqn_00003  

  c06_eqn_00004 c06_eqn_00005  

  c06_eqn_00006 c06_eqn_00007  

  c06_eqn_00008 c06_eqn_00009  

  c06_eqn_00010 c06_eqn_00011  

  c06_eqn_00012 c06_eqn_00013  

  c06_eqn_00014 c06_eqn_00015  

  c06_eqn_00016 c06_eqn_00017  

  c06_eqn_00018 c06_eqn_00019  

  c06_eqn_00020 c06_eqn_00021  

  c06_eqn_00022 c06_eqn_00023  

  c06_eqn_00024 c06_eqn_00025  

  c06_eqn_00026 c06_eqn_00027  

  c06_eqn_00028 c06_eqn_00029  

  c06_eqn_00030 c06_eqn_00031  

  c06_eqn_00032 c06_eqn_00033  

  c06_eqn_00034 c06_eqn_00035  

  c06_eqn_00036 c06_eqn_00037  

  c06_eqn_00038 c06_eqn_00039  

  c06_eqn_00040 c06_eqn_00041  

  c06_eqn_00042 c06_eqn_00043  

  c06_eqn_00044 c06_eqn_00045  

  c06_eqn_00046 c06_eqn_00047  

  c06_eqn_00048 c06_eqn_00049  

  c06_eqn_00050 c06_eqn_00051  

Chapter 7

  c07_eqn_00000 c07_eqn_00001  

  c07_eqn_00002 c07_eqn_00003  

  c07_eqn_00004 c07_eqn_00005  

  c07_eqn_00006 c07_eqn_00007  

  c07_eqn_00008 c07_eqn_00009  

  c07_eqn_00010 c07_eqn_00011  

  c07_eqn_00012 c07_eqn_00013  

  c07_eqn_00014 c07_eqn_00015  

  c07_eqn_00016 c07_eqn_00017  

  c07_eqn_00018 c07_eqn_00019  

  c07_eqn_00020 c07_eqn_00021  

  c07_eqn_00022 c07_eqn_00023  

  c07_eqn_00024 c07_eqn_00025  

  c07_eqn_00026 c07_eqn_00027  

  c07_eqn_00028 c07_eqn_00029  

  c07_eqn_00030 c07_eqn_00031  

  c07_eqn_00032 c07_eqn_00033  

  c07_eqn_00034 c07_eqn_00035  

  c07_eqn_00036 c07_eqn_00037  

  c07_eqn_00038 c07_eqn_00039  


Chapter 8

  c08_eqn_00000 c08_eqn_00001  

  c08_eqn_00002 c08_eqn_00003  

  c08_eqn_00004 c08_eqn_00005  

  c08_eqn_00006 c08_eqn_00007  

Chapter 9

  c09_eqn_00000 c09_eqn_00001  

  c09_eqn_00002 c09_eqn_00003  

  c09_eqn_00004 c09_eqn_00005  

  c09_eqn_00006 c09_eqn_00007  

  c09_eqn_00008 c09_eqn_00009  

  c09_eqn_00010 c09_eqn_00011  

  c09_eqn_00012 c09_eqn_00013  

  c09_eqn_00014 c09_eqn_00015  

  c09_eqn_00016 c09_eqn_00017  

  c09_eqn_00018 c09_eqn_00019  

  c09_eqn_00020 c09_eqn_00021  

  c09_eqn_00022 c09_eqn_00023  

  c09_eqn_00024 c09_eqn_00025  

  c09_eqn_00026 c09_eqn_00027  

  c09_eqn_00028 c09_eqn_00029  

Chapter 10

  c10_eqn_00000 c10_eqn_00001  

  c10_eqn_00002 c10_eqn_00003  

  c10_eqn_00004 c10_eqn_00005  

  c10_eqn_00006 c10_eqn_00007  

  c10_eqn_00008 c10_eqn_00009  

  c10_eqn_00010 c10_eqn_00011  

  c10_eqn_00012 c10_eqn_00013  

  c10_eqn_00014 c10_eqn_00015  


Chapter 11

  c11_eqn_00000 c11_eqn_00001  

  c11_eqn_00002 c11_eqn_00003  

  c11_eqn_00004 c11_eqn_00005  

  c11_eqn_00006 c11_eqn_00007  

  c11_eqn_00008 c11_eqn_00009  

  c11_eqn_00010 c11_eqn_00011  

  c11_eqn_00012 c11_eqn_00013  

  c11_eqn_00014 c11_eqn_00015  

  c11_eqn_00016 c11_eqn_00017  

  c11_eqn_00018 c11_eqn_00019  

  c11_eqn_00020 c11_eqn_00021  

  c11_eqn_00022 c11_eqn_00023  

  c11_eqn_00024 c11_eqn_00025  

  c11_eqn_00026 c11_eqn_00027  

  c11_eqn_00028 c11_eqn_00029  

  c11_eqn_00030 c11_eqn_00031